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The Chelmer and Blackwater Catchment Partnership works with land managers to help them reduce the amount of diffuse pollutants from their land and entering the Rivers Chelmer and Blackwater.  This will help meet drinking water quality standards and the Water Framework Directive targets for rivers and streams to achieve both good water quality and good ecological status.


The partnership supports land managers and their advisors by providing advice on the storage, handling and application of pesticides, fertilisers and manure; soil management; water course protection; environmental stewardship and general farm environmental management.


The partnership works with farmers, their agronomists and advisors by providing advice, either on a one to one on farm basis or at themed events and workshops.  Click on the links to find out more.




events and farm visits

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An initiative has been launched in the Roxwell Brook catchment, which is aiming to improve water quality in a voluntary manner and prove that catchment management works.   To find out more and look into the opportunities for your farm, check out the details here:  


Catchment Review

The Chelmer and Blackwater Catchment Partnership has recently reviewed its activities in the catchment, water quality trends and attitudes towards the Partnership in the form of a Social Science Study.   The highlights and findings of the reports can be found on the partners page.


WWT Drinking Water Conference

Teresa has been asked to speak at the WWT Drinking Water Conference in September about voluntary farmer engagement through the Managing Metaldehyde in the Wid and Pesti-wise initiatives.   To find out more or to book your place, please visit:


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