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Thomas Harris – Catchment Advisor

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Thomas can provide on request, free farm specific maps showing:


- the farm boundary

- soil type

- slope steepness

- farm yard infrastructure


These maps can then be used to identify areas that may be at higher risk of soil erosion, surface runoff of soil, nutrients and pesticides and nutrient leaching.


The maps are also a really useful tool to complete your soil management plan or decide on where to put your new sprayer filling area and biobed.


Water Quality Data


Local and frequent river water quality data in terms of pesticides and nutrients from the main rivers and their tributaries can be provided on request.


Current and historical rainfall and soil moisture deficit data is also available by phoning or e-mailing Thomas.




events and farm visits

…pesticide handling areas/biobeds

…nutrient management plans and soil analysis

…spreader/sprayer calibrations

…farm health checks

…PA1, 2 and 4S training


farm mapping and data provision

…free farm maps

…water quality





pesticide handling area information



…roofed sprayer filling areas

…container drip racks



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