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The Rivers Chelmer and Blackwater both rise in and flow through the county of Essex.   The Chelmer rises near Thaxted and flows mainly southeast towards Chelmsford, where it is joined by the River Can.   It meets the River Blackwater at Langford near Maldon and discharges over Beeleigh Falls weir into the tidal Chelmer and on into the North Sea. 


The Blackwater rises in northwest Essex, as the River Pant.   It flows through Braintree and is joined by the River Brain before flowing towards Maldon.  During normal and low flows, the Blackwater generally discharges into Heybridge Basin and into the North Sea via Langford Cut.  During high flows, water may also discharge over Beeleigh Falls into the tidal Chelmer.


Both rivers are an important source of water both for agriculture and for public water supply.


Are you in the catchment?  Download a map of the catchment to find out.




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